End of Fall: 10 Pumpkin Drinks

     Hi! I’m back (sort of)! Things are still a little crazy. I’m still waiting for it to settle down a bit. We moved to Kentucky! Yay! I love Kentucky. Since we have moved here, I’m seeing God’s blessings everywhere. He is so good! I love my new school and I love the people in it. It’s just so awesome!

White chocolate and pumpkin spice are a match made in coffee heaven with these simple hot mochas that call for a handful of ingredients and are ready for sipping in less than 10 minutes! @WholeHeavenly

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End of Summer Drinks

Summer is filled with awesome stuff including fresh food and fun drinks. I hate looking for fun drink ideas and 90% of them are alcoholic. There are even alcoholic Shirley Temples! Really?! That defeats the purpose! Which brings me here. Here are 6 fun drink ideas that are non-alcoholic to celebrate the near end of summer. These drinks sound amazing. I have tried one of these and can honestly say it was AMAZING! Enjoy!

1.) Strawberry Watermelon Slushie

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